UMT is a Dedicated and Unique Action Team for Humanitarian Response and Community Development through:


We network to provide map data, that is open and accessible for disaster response, emergency crises, research, and economic development to achieve a measurable target of Sustainable Development Goals.

We drive operational capacity for community engagement across the 36 states of Nigeria, with emerging Unique Mappers state chapters and Unique Mappers response teams in Higher Institutions in Nigeria and Beyond.

About Unique Mappers Network Nigeria

  • Founded in 2017 as UniqueMappersTeam Port Harcourt
  • AffilIate Chapter of Youth Mappers USA
  • A community NGO Registered in Nigeria-2019 as Unique Mappers Network(CAC/IT/No 153847)
  • A Local Community of OpenStreetMap in Nigeria and HOT-USA
  • A Local Community of Youth Mappers in more than 10 Universities in Nigeria
  • A Local Community of Citizen Science/SciStarter in Nigeria
  • A GeoForAll Lab in Nigeria for Open Source Geospatial
  • A corporate Representative of GODAN-Canada
  • A Flying Lab in Nigeria in Collaboration with African Bees/ WeRobbotics